Selling @ Heatclub

Heatclub staff will clean, photograph, and list each item as if it were their own. Once your stock is with us, you have nothing to worry about or do. Wait for your items to sell or request a buyout at any time.

F&%# This S@%t

Selling a few items may be easy, but most people get tired after 10 or 20... and then realize it's the full part-time job they never asked for. Shopping is more fun than selling. Apply Heatclub for immediate relief from seller aches and pains.

Fuck Ya!

Great photos. Responsive customer service. Respected social presence. Fast shipping. And Heatclub eats all the risk. Send in your stock and make selling fun again.


get a price quote
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send it in and get paid

Listing Price

We look at past sales and auction sites so that valuations are realistic and up to date. We then apply deductions based on conditions and any flaws of the item. Need a quote? Get a heatcheck.


We pay you from 20% to 65% of the going rate (our Listing Price) upfront, based on item popularity and how fast we can expect the item to move. Rest assured, buyout prices are based on hard evidence.


You can select between the going rate (our Listing Price), high pricing (+25%), low pricing (-25%), or your own pricing. You will also receive a buyout quote so you can weigh your options. Once listed, you may also opt for a buyout at any time.

"You might not get what you paid, but you will get what it's worth."


Simple liquidation by auction within the timeframe of your choice. Give us a date, and we will have your money.


We can instantly send funds through PayPal with no fees or cut you a check. For any other requests please ask.


Mucho Importante!

There are no upfront fees. We simply subtract what is owed from your payout.

There is a $20 minimum fee per item, and a $20 retraction fee for items processed.

Consignment buyouts will be 10% less than the original buyout quote, and will automatically decrease by 10% every 2 months after being stocked, down to 50%.

After 1 year, we may return unsold merchandise to you at your expense. No retraction fees will apply.


15% for new items.
25% for used items.

VIP Rate*

12.5% for new items.
20% for used items.
* consign 10 items or more


30% of auction end price.
* eBay fees included

Terms of Use

This agreement is between the consignee ("you") and the consigner, 3peat LA LLC ("we").

You fully understand and agree to the following terms and conditions upon utilizing our services:

(a) Your Balance: Sales and fees will automatically be applied to your balance in US Dollars.

(b) Right to Decline: We reserve the right to decline any item for any reason.

(c) Right to Retain: If your account carries a negative balance payment is due prior to the return of any of your items.

(d) Right to Return: We reserve the right to return listed items to you for any reason.

(e) Authenticity: You will be liable for the Double Money Back guarantee.

(f) Payout Funds: We reserve the right to retain payout funds until we determine the transaction is complete.

(g) Rates & Fees: You agree to our rates and fees at time of consignment. (Any rate changes will not apply to existing items.)

(h) Storage: We are not liable for damage caused by standard transport and storage operations, or for any natural aging or deterioration over time.

(i) Right to Publish: Select items will be published on third party web sites of our choice on our schedule.

(j) Privacy Policy: Your information will never be shared with any third parties without your prior consent.

(k) Correspondence: All correspondence from us will be delivered to the email provided at registration.

(l) Right to Revise: We reserve the right to revise this agreement at any time without notice.

Last Revised: July 17, 2014.


Certified Authentic

Ape shall never sell fake.

Everything we sell is Heat Club certified to be 100% authentic and backed by our unconditional Double Money Back Guarantee.

Return Policy

No returns, no exchanges.
All sales are final.

You may however consign or get a buyback for any past purchases as long as our doors are open.


All major credit and debit cards, both domestic and international bank transfers are accepted through PayPal. Registration is not required and no financial information is disclosed to us. Contact us if you wish to pay by Postal Money Order, Bank Money Order, Western Union, or MoneyGram.


If you have any issues with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package. All transactions are final after 7 days.

Shipping & Handling

Exact shipping can be previewed in your shopping cart!

We Ship Internationally

Half of our orders go around the world.

Ships in 1 day

Orders usually ship within 1 business day upon cleared payment.

Securely Packaged with Tracking

Shoes are double boxed unless otherwise stated. Tracking will be sent upon shipment. Signature Confrimation may be added for security.

Domestic (USA)


$12 + $4 each additional item
USPS Priority. 2~3 business days.


$38 + $8 each additional item
USPS Express Mail. 1~2 business days.



$48 + $8.50 each additional item
USPS Global Priority. 5~7 business days plus customs.


$65 + $12.50 each additional item
USPS Express Mail (EMS), delivered in 3~5 business days plus time in customs.

Delays & Customs

Buyer is responsible for local taxes and duties. International orders will be shipped as gift, unless otherwise requested.

Most shipping issues are a result of wrong or incomplete addresses. Please double check your address.

If a package is delayed more than 30 days, we will file a claim with the post office and issue a full refund after the claim is processed.

International shipments can get randomly held in customs. Please be patient while your package is processed.

About Grades

Many new items have been stored or have been through multiple hands even if they have never been used. Signs of aging should also be expected.

Items in perfect and unopened condition will be marked as "sealed".

For used items we do our best to note any flaws and photograph them. Please take the time to review all photos.

Please contact us if you have any questions or reservations regarding the condition of any item.

Where We Look

We do our best to keep grades as objective as possible by making clear where we look and how we measure usage.

You may have noticed photos of the neck, cuffs, and heels of used items. These are the places we have found to be reliable in measuring usage.

Tops: Pilling inside neck, inside cuff, and inside-bottom of back.
Bottoms: Heel drag, waist patch (belt friction).
Shoes: Sole loss, cracks (old shoes).
Hats: Inside front edge (pilling, friction).

We also apply these simple rules:

Any signs of outdoor use = A or less
Any pilling = A or less
Any sole loss = B or less
Any print cracking = C or less
Any signs of machine wash = C or less

NWT- New With Tags

Average retail condition, unused, with all original packaging. May have been displayed or tried on. 9.5-10/10, DS.

NWOT - New Without Tags

Average outlet condition. Unused, but missing tags, and packaging. May have been displayed or tried on. 9.5/10, DS.

USED-A - Almost New

Worn maybe once or twice. Barely pilling or creasing. No sole loss. 9/10, VNDS

USED-B - Lightly Used

Worn a handful of times. No cracking prints or fading. Only slight sole loss. Only minor fabric wear. Expect pilling and creasing. 8/10.

USED-C - Used

Clear signs of wear and use. Expect fading, heavy pilling, sole loss, minor stains. 6-7/10

USED-D - Very Very Used

Completely worn-in. Expect stains, tears, creasing. < 6/10

Q1. Is everything authentic?

If we cannot tell, we will not sell it. It's that simple. Heatclub is run by collectors for collectors. We have a zero tolerance policy for unauthentic merchandise.

Q2. Can I sell my stuff on your site?

Please see our selling guide.

Q3. Can I get more photos?

Yes. But we ask that you provide your reasons. We may be able to answer them directly first, and avoid taking photos that don't address your concerns.

Q4. Can I get measurements?

Yes. Please ask. Most similar styles will have similar sizing, but ask to be sure.

Q5. Do you accept offers or trades?

Yes. Offers are accepted through the web site only. Please do not call or email us offers. For store credit trade-ins please visit our selling guide.

Q6. Do you have a retail store?

Yes. We are by-appointment only. For an appointment, please contact us.

Q7. Where do you get all this heat?

From fashionistas around the world and people just like you! We also import our own limited stock from sources in the US and Japan.

Q8. Do you do holds (lay-aways)?

Not at this time.

Q9. Why are prices different for the same product?

Most items are being sold on cosnginment, and the owner is free to set their own prices. Feel free to place an offer when the feature is available.

Q10. Why are prices different on your affiliate sites such as eBay and Amazon?

Every platform has fees and management overhead. You will always find the best prices on our main web site. Now that you're here please stay!

Can't find your answer?

Contact us.


"You might not get what you paid, but we will get what it's worth."

Safely buy, sell, and promote what you love with Heatclub.

Hype Heart Heat

After the hype, some things survive the test of time and hold their own -- even in fashion.

Pieces that continue to be loved stay valuable, but are also easily buried and forgotten. At Heatclub we want to help promote the classic brands and styles you love, while preserving their relevance and value.

But we don't ignore hype either. Hype is where the game begins.

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Appointments are available M-F 11:30am to 7pm. Please let us know what day and time you wish to stop by and we will confirm.