We clean, photograph, research, list, pack, and ship. Set your prices or have them set for you. Get paid after each sale or get a buyout anytime.

No returns, chargebacks, lost packages, complaints, haggling, or frozen PayPal accounts. Spend more time with your loved ones, free up closet space, and go shopping.

With the time, risk, work, and stress involved in selling anything online, our service more than pays for itself.

Sell more to buy more.

Feel free to make an appointment or contact us to get started.



We scour the internet for current going rates, so we can price virtually anything. The price is then adjusted for condition.

Get your heat checked.


Get 20% to 65% of our listing price upfront, based on market activity and inventory.


Get 75% to 88% of the sale price after each sale. Go with our prices, or price everything yourself. Request a buyout anytime.

"You might not get what you paid, but you will get what it's worth."


Paypal instant transfer only.


Mucho Importante!

There are no upfront fees. We simply subtract what is owed from your payout.

There is a $20 minimum fee per item, and a $20 retraction fee for items processed.

Consignment buyouts will be 10% less than the original buyout quote, and will automatically decrease by 10% every 2 months after being stocked, down to 50%.

We reserve the right to return unsold merchandise to you at your expense. No retraction fees will apply.


15% for new items.
25% for used items.

VIP Rate*

12.5% for new items.
20% for used items.
* consign 10 items or more


30% of auction end price.
* eBay fees included


Terms of Use

This agreement is between the consignee ("you") and the consigner, 3peat LA LLC ("we").

You fully understand and agree to the following terms and conditions upon utilizing our services:

(a) Your Balance: Sales and fees will automatically be applied to your balance in US Dollars.

(b) Right to Decline: We reserve the right to decline any item for any reason.

(c) Right to Retain: If your account carries a negative balance payment is due prior to the return of any of your items.

(d) Right to Return: We reserve the right to return listed items to you for any reason at your expense.

(e) Authenticity: You are liable for our authenticity guarantee (100 USD) if any of your items are proven to be unauthentic after processing, even if proven after buyouts.

(f) Payout Funds: We reserve the right to retain payout funds until we determine the transaction is complete.

(g) Rates & Fees: You agree to our rates and fees at time of consignment. (Any rate changes will not apply to existing items.)

(h) Storage: We are not liable for damage caused by standard transport and storage operations, or for any natural aging or deterioration over time.

(i) Right to Publish: Select items will be published on third party web sites of our choice on our schedule.

(j) Privacy Policy: Your information will never be shared with any third parties without your prior consent.

(k) Correspondence: All correspondence from us will be delivered to the email provided at registration.

(l) Right to Revise: We reserve the right to revise this agreement at any time without notice.

Last Revised: July 17, 2014.